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by Nevada Kerr

Counterclockwise on the wrong side
We wander through left field
Where poetic justice still resides
And abiding diehards yield

What goes around comes around
As the bullheads fume and foam
We hold our ground making foolish sounds
Praying all the cows come home

A wrangler here, a stickler there
On a straight and narrow path
When it comes time to swerve or veer
They fly right off the map

A rigid right hand cracks a whip
Defiant despots fall
A clumsy fist too limp to grip
Drops an iron ball

The left side and the true blue right
A closed and open door
With crippled hands in a dismal plight
The shipwrecked swim ashore

Written by © Raven Drake
December 3, 2005.

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