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Miner Prophet
by Nevada Kerr

Death Metal Matt preaches Apocalypse
To the Autumn Time Fellowship
The curses that escape his lips
Are all from the Bible

He petitions his patron saint
With approval from the Lord
Cell phoning fraternal orders
In an SUV from Ford
Sapping Revelations
Till he's out of his gourd

Tending a motherless brood of five
By the tender age of twenty
Matt picks a job where the work is steady
And leavens Heaven's bread for Hell's oven-ready

There's only one road out of town
When you drink, and drive your car
Ravaged by fire, defiled by tar
It's easy to go too far
Become too skinless to form a scar

Obese bodies around an open pit
Fatal tumors in every lung
You got to sermonize them young
The devil shoots down the doves of Christ
That's how the West was won

Written by © Nevada Kerr
September 2, 2003.

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