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by Nevada Kerr

You say that I'm an aberration
Then declare there's no such thing
In the interim I'm an airy form
Without a go-between
If you should stop breathing
I would surely intervene

In my natural state I'd compensate
But you'd only disagree
I can't undo this reeking hate
You've always had it in for me
Upside down and inside out
A pawn of destiny

I got wind of a fetid scent
The half-light made it worse
Too vertical to tilt or bend
I was diverted from my course
A random and suspicious wind
Invoked an ancient curse

You've got the odor of a beastly foe
But the sweet voice of a friend
Are you the scapegoat on my behalf
Who foresees a bitter end
Is it me or you who gets the shaft
Or is it someone else again

Written by © Raven Drake
November 16, 2006.

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