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Where Nemesis Hovers
by Nevada Kerr

Nemesis catapults upward again in the backward rain
Sacrificing her love of mercy to a blaze of disdain
Sticking fast to your skin of rocks
Taking root in your nerves of flame

Hearth mother stone of flowering fruit
Haunting the hives of cowardly truth
She finds fear covering over freedom's ruins
Sparks of ghosts orbiting her tearful minions

Kissing Heaven with her gin mill breath
She reworks her way up to God's bulletproof vest
Weaving new glories into her lover's love-me-knot nest
She exhumes the tomb ashes untouched and newly blessed

Neither the white flags of nations nor undead creations
Can ward off her hunger for might's retaliation
Her love walks a thin line between malice and fate
When bribes take a bombed race beyond good will's gates

Removing the impasse between whirlpool and home
Entangled in memories that keep forgiveness postponed
She throws her pledged bones over heartless thrones
Till gravity's bluff tips Noah's ark to pay off your loans

She waits in the air to quell her disciple's tantrums
The fire tide aftermath of eyeless hero phantoms
Neither hag-angel killers nor God's holy fingers
Would fire off prayers in the skies where nemesis hovers

Written by © Nevada Kerr
28th September 2001.

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