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Plague Monsoon
by Nevada Kerr

Typhoid fever stirs paralytic eyes
Atomized atoms raze an urban paradise
A torrential downpour swallows up fire
In a flood of blood for the newly baptized

The rich burn money on a funeral pyre
Their heirs loot alms from back street criers
Pumping purified waters from vagabond daughters
Who kiss cancerous lips to quell their desires

Over-mothered assassin lovers
Rend asunder accidental martyrs
Bad faith scales the churchyard walls
Delirium infests the inner city mall
Tottering orphans plead and appall

Holocaust brain fabrics sell by the pound
The trigger-happy paranoid breed underground
Pets brawl and bones break without a sound
Souls flake and hearts ache in graduation gowns
Birds crawl as hail falls up and confounds

Whirlwind weds temptress typhoon
Exiled vipers begin to bear fruit
Flesh specks cluster and blood drops root
Blind men sprout eyes in gutter worm suits
And love mortified squirms in his boots

Hairs grow fingers and stumps grab legs
Bulbs thrust and prod your marmalade eggs
Cold plastic withers and golden things beg

Headless with sexless dread
Lions and lambs share the same bed
And the plague monsoon rises out of the dregs

Written by Nevada Kerr
13th February 2002.

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