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Greetings From The Nutbin!
To Chris Korda

by Sterling

I can not even began to chronicle the odd events and bumblings - the careenings over danger's edge that seem to define our life here. New Orleans is a Disneyfied Vomitorium! But never mind that, it's too general. More specifically we met a homicide detective in our courtyard this afternoon. He was trying to feret out the killer of the guy whose brains were blown out in the field next to my bedroom window Thursday night. Southern law man! Hard to know who is less friendly out here the coppers or the criminals. This is a place to be very careful!

The most charming elfin white boys carry guns into the Bywater. The black boys use cement blocks and broken bottles to the head. It's cheaper! Most of the weapons the women carry fit in their wallets: credit cards, tarot cards, sympathy cards. Here and there a roll of the dice, and trouble! Smartly dressed vixens drinking themselves into middle age and the seedy scenes required to make headaches, later memories. Memories, remember those?

We have had our personal catastrophes. How are you? Nevada mentioned that you seemed kind of down. It must be hard to be alone in Berlin. Didn't Bowie and Iggy go there to recover from their lives in the 80's? "Heroes" came out of that.

It is odd to get old. Sometimes I care and sometimes I don't. I get too comfortably tired to get down on myself anymore. I went through that isolation thing in Boston and it wasn't good. You've got to get out and break through with people.

Every day here brings new problems. I've been forced to connect with others just to keep from being pulled apart and taken under. The "undertoad" is so strong! There are gay guys stumbling around at 7am with skinned knees and drinks in their hands trying to bum cigarettes off lamp posts. Feral dogs run in packs through the neighborhoods - their corpses thrown out with the rubbish rotting along the curbs. Can you believe that's 2002?

Our very own Bananna Republic. You should come and visit. When can you come and visit? There's oodles of money to be made off the tourists here. I'm thinking of becoming a walking tour guide - 15 to 20 dollars a head, run your own show. What do you think? All is not lost.

Written by Sterling
June 26, 2002.

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