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by Nevada Kerr

My last name is Geronimo
When I was sick in the hospital
They put me in a special room
Because my last name was Geronimo
I didn't want to be in a special room
I got lonely there

I don't call myself a medicine woman
I learned about these herbs from my grandmother
This one is called __________
It's an Apache name
There is no translation
And this one cures cancer

If anyone asks me about it
After the lecture, outside this room
I'll deny I know anything about it
It's a secret medicine
I share only with my own people

I'm half Apache and half Navajo
I don't mix the two
My husband respects my Navajo side
And doesn't ask me questions
When I'm with my Navajo family
I don't talk about the Apache side

When I was in the hospital
A medicine man blessed the white man's medicine
Asking it to cure me
He also gave me an herbal potion to drink
I put it in an old McDonald's cup
When the nurse came in I told her
My husband brought me that coke
It means alot to me, so don't touch it
I took that medicine
That's what cured me

An Apache woman came to me
She had cancer
The chemo she got in Albuquerque wasn't working
She wanted to commit suicide
It was too much for her
She didn't want to live like that anymore
I gave her the cancer medicine in this bag
Told her to drink the potion four times a day
In the morning, the afternoon, early evening, and before she went to bed
Not long after, she was cured
I told her not to talk about this with anyone
She went back to Albuquerque
And the doctors said the chemo was successful
She kept quiet about it and went along

I came here with my husband
He filmed a movie about the Apaches with Lucy Lawless
It's about the warrior woman Lozen
She rode with Geronimo

I put aside my pride
To share my culture with you
When I help people I don't ask for money
It comes from the heart
You'll know what to give
I don't have to tell you

These medicines work
They were here longer than you were
Some say that this medicine is toxic
It's not toxic
I use this medicine to help my people

Written by © Raven Drake
February 26, 2007.

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