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The Clones
by Nevada Kerr

Clones drop smart bombs on the filthy rich
They hit the clones when the rich make a switch
Now heirs to the clones babble and bitch
But relinquish their thrones without a hitch

Clone allies drain all the oceans that drown
Car clones lose rides because there is no ground
Rented clones share rooms and never make a sound
The heirs that they hide bring forth meat by the pound

The clothes the clones share slide off their looms
The arms the clones chide explode too soon
The harms they hatch yank a bride from her groom
Then the corpulent clones trade her womb for a tomb

Clones spare a smile for the bleeding at war
The limbs that they drop spawn skins without flaws
Clones lose no litter seeding gods for their cause
Clones choose their sitters for the size of their claws

The norms clones scorn disoblige the unborn
Their mothers are cells from hair and nails shorn
The faces they sell make smiles from desert lawn corn
But the freaks that they spawn only live until dawn

Liquid assets burn the flesh from old and sold things
But clones make loans that soon become holdings
Numbered lovers and voided mothers may melt in the sun
But clones recalled withhold cells from no one

The souls clones expire superbanks hoard
The bones clones acquire strange creatures thaw
Human reptiles make warm, preserved frozen dogs
But the blackholes dogs return to mock human laws

Clones beget bones that soon become fathers
Fathers make martyrs from cold and dead brothers
The souls of doomed saints and sinners melt into one
And the skins without names cry out for their sons

Written by Nevada Kerr
17th February 2001.

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