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by Nevada Kerr

He's the cosmic personality with an adage for the age
Reformulating galaxies, outshining every sage
A media-mad physicist redesigning earth
Reinventing gravity, playing God at birth

Matter's just an energy, curving space and time
A metaphysic notion he measures with his mind
His system makes more sense if you sweep aside the truth
Even flaws and absurdities are never absolute

On his deathbed, a final flash, all the stars aligned
Wondrous in a field of blunders, you'd recognize the signs
A truly universal hope for humans growing small
Eclipsing war and peace and the secrets of the all

The wonder drug he offers allows your thoughts to flow
Everything is relative and all the bottles glow
Charismatic narcissists refute his every claim
Seeking a single theory for hope and love and shame

Written by © Raven Drake
October 10, 2006.

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