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by Nevada Kerr

She moves in waves before the wind
A flickering flame burning within
Crossing the loom in a devious spin
Casting spells with a sinister grin

The snares she contrives entangle the vain
As they graduate from gratitude to grimacing disdain
The undulating goblin bride whispering my name
Awakens the hope inside my terror-stricken brain

Without a hint of tension she stretches the roots
Of reptilian blossoms and carnivorous fruits
A vermicular circuitry of alternating truths
Her metaphysic musing is beyond the realm of proof

Wandering aberration off the beaten track
Volatile dispensation, permanent relapse
Portal to the other world disappearing in a flash
Make away with me into the void and never bring me back

Written by © Raven Drake
March 10, 2006.

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