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by Nevada Kerr

Maybe this elixir
Will bring me back to life
I've been dead for so long now
Was I your husband or your wife?

Or the disciple of an alchemist?
Reconfiguring the void
Did I decipher alphabets
Before they were destroyed?

Who did I think I was?
Was I someone that you loved?
Did I have a name? I can't recall
What was I thinking of?

Am I the herald of a revelation?
Eternally concealed
Dormant intuitions cluster
Mist and fog congeal

Inside my head emanations drift
And there's a crypt inside my heart
In the crush of your grip, kissing your lips
I can't endure if we should part

Will I find release in the afterlife
When I awaken from this dream?
Without fear or dread or earthly strife
Flesh and blood redeemed

Written by © Raven Drake
July 2, 2006.

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