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by Nevada Kerr

I had you in mind with a settled design
Bound in limbo, bleeding and blind
Like a bat out of hell I answered the call
Breaking a kneecap, busting a ballvPaving the way for your imminent fall

This evil intent is gaining more strength
I must hunt you down before it relents
Implacable now, I'm ready to pound
To throw you around or just watch you drown

With rack and screw you thrash and strain
Each torture renewed, prolonging the pain
I dream of revenge sweeter than honey
More precious than life, dearer than money

A beheading machine will never suffice
And the whip and the lash barely entice
There's just no allure without spasms and pants
Or a body still hanging but longing to dance

Written by © Raven Drake
October 26, 2006.

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