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The Contaminating Seed
by Nevada Kerr

Greenery extractor
Propagation freeze
Unnatural selector
Overbearing gene
Hereditary squatter
Fostering disease
Cellular abductor
Engineered to please

Agribusy pharmer
Decoder of the grain
The seller's speculation
Everything to gain
Insertion then adhesion
A disturbance in the corn
The patent holder's property
A new pathogen is born

Herbicidal drone
DNA's confusion
The hybrid chromosome
A fugitive transfusion
Self-vaccinating tumor
Immune to rain and rot
Embryo remover
Too late for second thoughts

Trademarked evolution
The desolation bloom
Greenhouse involution
The manufactured womb
Parasitic pollen
Everlasting weed
The lethal infestation
Of the contaminating seed

Written by © Nevada Kerr
January 17, 2004.

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