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Foreign Body (Five Days) - Year 1931

by Dasha


"Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do..."

Wow! - thought Claire stepping out of the plane. - I hope the weather here is not so bad 'cause the air is very polluted!!!

A few hours later she was standing in front of a big hotel called "Florenso" in Florence. A big and beautiful garden behind the building got Claire's attention.

Very interesting... ummm... do they eat those tall green things? - a girl wondered. - I hope they don't! They don't seem delicious!


"Come out of the garden, baby, you'll catch your death in a fog..."

Claire was sitting in a cafe with her friends. She looked a bit exhausted 'cause she couldn't sleep all night. Her eyes were different coloured. One was brown and another one was blue. Her short black hair was weaving as the wind blew across the street.

"I feel sick." - she finally said.

"Excuse us," said Amanda, Claire's friend, and grabbed her hand.

"Where are we going?" - both of girls were rushing to the toilet.

"Don't be stupid Claire! You know we don't have much time! We gotta do something!"

"I know... I know... I just can't get used to that feeling. Okay, so meet tomorrow? Where is that place tell me again?"

"It's in the Lankasheer Valley. 100 meters from the last bus stop. At 5PM, get it?"

"100 meters - okay, see you there."


"He'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he'd blow our minds..."

5PM. Lankasheer Valley.

Claire and Amanda walking together searching for the "Field Of Gold."

7 PM

"Look, Am! Is it there?"

"Oh My God! Yes it is!!! Come on, no time left!"

They ran closer to the field.

"Is there anything special we have to do?" asked Claire.

"Ye-e-e-e-ea-a-a-a-h... We have to find the center... It must look like something very special... Ummm... Does... does... d-d-does it look like a circular chain of daisies with a small sand-clock inside?"


"Come on here, I've fou..."


"Why not?"

"It's the Time Clock! They rule the world. See? It's like a time-machine but you have no right to touch it, hear me?"

"Alright..." - Claire sounded a bit sad. - "So what is my job?"

"You'll say the words."


"And now come here and help me to move this stone!"

Claire and Amanda pulled a big stone into a daisies chain.

"Now the words" - said Am.

"No me huro te vailento me ame por tu korason ti sanyo dis abello te huro amainar porun delo se."

The sky was getting gray... and the space inside the circle of flowers opened.


"I dread to think of when the wind blows."

"The act is almost over! Now we have to pray that the wind won't blow, or we're dead!!!"

"D-d-d-d-d-d-o-o-o-o we have to... to... t-t-t-to go inside??? It's so dark and deep!!!"

"But my dear Claire - use your wings!"

"Oh, right, I almost forgot about them on this Earth!!!"

They flew inside... It looked like a big old well, very dark and scary. Claire used her blue eye to light the space a bit.

There were tons of people's bodies. Bones everywhere on the walls...

"Look, they all tried to change the time..." - said Am

A few seconds later Claire discovered the stairs leading in somewhere...


"Time - he's waiting in the wings..."

The girls were captured and put in a cage...

"We're gonna die Amanda."

"No, there's a way to survive... for one of us. I'll help you!"

"I won't leave you, you'll go and I'll stay!"

"Leave me alone! I'm 335 years old and you're only in your light 180s!! Don't argue with me! With the sun dawn I'll make you disappear, but remember... We got a good lesson out of it. You can never change the time."

Claire's eyes were filled with tears.


"Time may change me, but I can't trace time..."

Claire was sitting at home. Planet Venus. Talking to Am's husband.

She wanted *me* to go... I couldn't resist. She said she loved you

"How is it? How is it on Earth?"

"Ohhhhh... You know, it was useless trying to help them. They're ruining themselves! For example the air - it's so polluted! It was hard even to breathe! These five days made me lose Amanda and understand that time flows so fast on Earth... You can't even look back, 'cause you're afraid you won't be able to turn back again..."

Written by
10th January 2002.

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