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New Orleans Apartment / Letter To Landlord
by Sterling

Here are the keys to Apartment D, St. Claude. We have paid the rent until July 26th but we have vacated the property now because the conditions are unliveable for the following reasons:

We were told that this was a safe block when we moved in here. There have been at least three or four murders in the immediate area in the last two weeks. One body was found a few yards away from our bedroom window.

We were told this was a fenced-in apartment complex but the bedroom window and the window the air conditioner is in opens right out onto the field/garage (where the body was found) with no fence to stop criminals from easily breaking in.

We were supposed to get burglar bars for the front kitchen window and the locks on the front door and gate were installed loosely. There is also inadequate lighting in the courtyard and the front gate has been left open on several occasions.

Regarding the inside of the apartment, the ceiling over the bathtub is molding and beginning to cave in. The refrigerator is leaking "yellow goo" that may very well be toxic and both the stove and refrigerator wobble.

The gas connections on the stove should be checked for safety's sake.

The water pressure in the bathroom is low and the toilet which has been "fixed" two or three times already is very delicate. One wrong flush and it will be broken again.

We have heard scratching in the walls and today, lo and behold, we saw a RAT.

The neighbors called the cops last week because they heard a "big bang" in the courtyard. It turned out that parts of the building complex were falling down in the courtyard.

Ask yourself this, would you live under these conditions?

Written by Sterling
July 3, 2002.

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