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by Nevada Kerr

The room was full of rich white people
At the university in Silver City
They were all snapping photos
Not that many people asked questions
A few wanted to know where the plants could be found
And if they were all from this area
Of course, no specific answers were given

It was a long lecture and movie
The movie told the story of how the Apaches
Were killed off by the white man

The white people in the audience
And the Indians on stage were worlds apart
They shared food with the audience
But they didn't have any paper plates
So they brought napkins instead

The plant remedies were for the Apaches
We were allowed a glimpse into their world
But we were not allowed to enter
They dangled the carrot
And then withdrew it

The movie star husband
A modern Apache warrior
Acted as a bridge between worlds
He was the spokesman and facilitator of the event
But his wife was the one with the goods
She spoke from the heart
But reluctantly and with reservations
No pun intended

It felt like commercial entertainment for bored whites
The wealthy retirees of Grant County, New Mexico
Who now owned the land
The Apaches once lived on

Written by © Raven Drake
February 26, 2007.

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