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The Harlot Moon

by Nevada Kerr

Off again, on again
You shuffle to and fro
On the edge, upside down
Blowing hot and cold

Rock the boat, raise the roof
Get the goods, show the proof
Not half bad for a shooting star
But are you really going far?
Don Juan libertine
Angular and lean
Scales the heights to fall again
Into her pit of dreams

Out of foresight, out of mind
Lost in space, lost in time
Draw a blank and fluff your lines
Chasing clouds, swimming blind

Throw a shadow within reach of God
Salute the heavens, beck and nod
Erase a chapter in the book of fate
The love she deals feels like hate

Don't blame it on the barley-broo
The ardor of the leprechaun
The insect buzz of early dawn
The evil pranks of urchin spawn

One by one, true to form
Keeners keen and crooners croon
Kiss the sun, break the swoon
Blame it on the harlot moon

Written by © Nevada Kerr
August 7, 2004.

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