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Voice Of Thunder
by Nevada Kerr

He's our man when the rank and file bleed
A disembodied trader who fulfills our every greed
He came here to uproot the masks of grace and purity
To guarantee us refuge from the storms of Earth
To outlaw the words of lovers camouflaged in hate
You can point and click your way through limbo
But the heaven-bound must wait

All that we desire is within his sainted grasp
He effaces countries, forests, whole oceans of the past
His choice is the choice of an age-old prophecy
That gives meaning to the weaning of aborted destinies
Souls without futures importing distorted codes and social creeds

Turn your eyes away, do not look at him!
He goes without permission into graveyards
He uses ghosts to run factories
Armies melt when he comes
Space and time collapse when he speaks
Shattered worlds and primordial seas
Rise with ovations for his buoyant condemnations

He offers temporary peace without the sleep to dream
Bellies free from hunger when mouthless mothers scream
It is his job to recruit souls deemed guerrilla-free
If you come early, you too can take what you need
Get here now before he leaves you loveless and diseased

When God wasn't looking too well from a chemical spill
He invoked an alchemical spell to draw him into a shell
Then our man hit the top-seller list in the bottomless pit of hell
Now he has his own channel and overrules the sun
Instead of swapping flags for body bags and recycled guns

He steadies his weapons of reconciliation at the slowest pace
Knowing the world would tilt without these moments of unhaste
No time is ever timely for his judgement of your race
But he must dive right into the darkness beckoning his faith
His voice is the voice of thunder spreading far and wide
But now he's coming home to decide your fate no matter where you hide

Written by © Nevada Kerr
20th September 2001.
(A reworking of a poem I wrote called I'm The Man' from April of 1996)

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