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Blight Of Birth
by Nevada Kerr

Genes collide
Crown droplets of sperm
Purge forbidden fruit at the blood gates

Holy bones rise from the cosmic soup
Vanish in man-made molecules
They spark the emergence of the transhuman body

A Seed Trickster scatters the garbage heap of human hope
Opening the mouth of some belated Heaven
He transplants hearts across the abyss of duty and norm

The Superman mourns
His swelling belly surges like a python

The Great Rotation begins
At the threshold to the Rapture
Retribution in the patented blood of life

New Gods mark the way with cancerous fingers
They shake free the atoms of skin and bone
But a forbidden essence sparks their dissolution

The new body stirs
Its first fleeting glimpse is agonizing

The owner of the genome
The keeper of the great human harm
Encircles a Cadaver Emporium
He thrives on nightmares
Child's play for a thirsty soul reducer

He clings like a ghost
To the yawning mouths of the loveless
Spilling secrets and seeds
Spinning infants of doom
Gyrating over the opening to the factory farm

Light sticks to the baby's breath
Eyes cling to her claws
She obligates the patent hunters
Fills them with holy hope

She is fear
Moving at the speed of light
Offering a stranger
Bright white irradiation
Like a transgenic virus growing
And rupturing the void of paradise
Her subtle blight of birth
Descends from the portals of death

Written by Nevada Kerr
February 2000.
(Edited 4th October 2001).

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