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The Nature Of Language -
"Consciousness Within Space-Time"

by Nevada Kerr

I will try to examine the polar coordinates or latitude and longitude of language. Fathoming the Alpha and Omega is possible since "words" really have no boundaries or limits, merely an illusion of forms.

The process of "ciphering" is a "pulling at the roots." The roots of words. These roots are elastic and not at all rooted. They can be planted and extracted at will and then miraculously replanted. From end to end letters stretch revealing the wide open spaces between them.

Lettering or littering is a form of Spellcraft. A myriad of meanings are revealed in the trans-location of letters.Inversions and involvements evolve in the re-ordering of letters. This is the process of dis-composing or de-composing words, a kind of rebirthing of litters.

Spinning a long yarn gives us perspective. Desires are enlarged and expanded. Meanings are inflated. Di-visible and dis-solvable, Names are like Numbers. Naming is stretching the imagination. Images like seeds flourish in the scattering. Whisperings travel on the wind. Words breed/breathe and the brooding begins.

Prolongation and protraction of sound and symbol preserves and perpetuates the great myths. The mother tongue mouthing new forms through repetition of the seed syllables. This ensures the durability of the vernacular, the inky inklings of insight and intuition. The artist sketches word-symbols in the sands of time. Double-entendre is his forte. Word play is not an abuse but a reuse of language, breaking silence in the pen of a ready writer, he who adores slips of the tongue

Written by © Raven Drake
Friday 18th May 2007.

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