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by Nevada Kerr

The outlandish still imagine
Suspended between worlds
Windbag mystics hypnotized
By feeble-minded girls

A vacant boy bewildered
But unforgettably pristine
In an onslaught of afterthoughts
Suspects a truth unseen

Enduring yet unrecognized
A secret self appears
Every cell within revised
But rehashing ancient fears

In an uproar of foreign tongues
In a flurry of remorse
In a ferment of filth and dung
Feuding forms rehearse

First a god and then a devil
Shrugging shoulders, shaking heads
Incredulous, intolerant
Asleep in separate beds

Both adrift and torn asunder
Where superstition reigns
In a fellowship of dogmatists
Fanatical and vain

All in all the same mind
Divided and deformed
Like an idle soul wanders blind
And mocks the heaven-born

Written by © Raven Drake
July 16, 2007.

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