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by Nevada Kerr

Magdalen avenger of Vatican wrath
Famished outcast of the desert bloodbath
Infernal minx of the brain twisting jinx
A hemorrhage of podlings and rancid kings
Devotedly plug all your dead links

A plagiarist starveling in an anthrax vest
A foundling scavenger of the holy grotesque
A cosmopolitan hatchling and ideal human pet
I eat my heart out for the supreme sorceress

A tawdry organ donor
A gangrene casanova
I suckle your breasts
I drink in the intoxicating odors
That seep from your chest

Pox hedonist of corrupting vapors
Bloated connoisseur of omnivorous capers
Your nicotine lungs
Inhale a miasma of gore
Your incandescence lingers
Beyond the rankest allure
A toxic trademark that corrodes my core

A mortifier of the flesh at the end of my quest
I beseech the infidel and feral protectress
Who beheads gutlings on apocalyptic shores
And feeds on mouthfuls of ulcerating spores

Almighty malady
Denizen of swamps
Whose mud and slime taunt
The bayou can't daunt
An atrophied trophy boy
Belated and gaunt

I'm not one of your influenza strays
Awaiting the best of your watery graves
I'm a dean desperado of garish regret
Ceaselessly wooing the hobgoblin coquette

Written by Nevada Kerr
8th March 2002.

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