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by Nevada Kerr

I found your desire where rain and rust know no hidden clauses
Your eyes like moving pictures binding time to pauses
Your thighs like undulating graves enslaving my fingers
But now the flesh of pain in the dust of lust forever lingers

An easy lover's hired hands stretch my every want
Over the anxious longings of a hot and horny haunt
My eyes shine in all directions beaming global warmth
From a witless ghost machine full of empty taunts

I need your skin and all the love it persistently wins
An idol lover's tired strands holding up under all demands
Hope bends in all directions betraying love's designs
Like a ruthless flesh machine making every joy a crime

I love your tainted meat rotting when passion retreats
Returning to your lover's tomb shattering it's peace
Your sex unwinds in all directions milking bridal frauds
Boasting sordid tales that make a sin of love's rewards

I need your clay-cold flesh and all the death it brings
Not a lover's sired glands deeding desire to wired things
A voice that sings of deathless love and flesh without a face
Not the rootless host terrains that make worlds from endless waste

I scored desire where poverty holds prisoners
Your teeth in a mongrel hunger ripped open my wary heart
Your mouth of fatal curses summoned a parade of hearses
Banes like storm-tossed waves breaking my soul apart

Written by © Nevada Kerr
4th August 2001.

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