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by Nevada Kerr

You had better keep it secret
Suppress your deepest joy
Pay homage to the hatred
Cowering and coy

The blundering and witless
Make headlines with a rumor
Wily masters of the free press
Command armies of consumers

The bastard child cringes
Outside the wedding vows
Global war now hinges
On the illiterate lowbrow

The overworld benighted
The fanatical endowed
An empty-hearted simpleton
Inflames the maddened crowd

Embrace the final offer
Stifle your remorse
The casket or the coffer
Is there really any choice?

Gulp down all your feelings
Knock on wood; you're safe
Let them rush to their conclusions
You'd be easy to erase

Written by © Nevada Kerr
November 11, 2004.

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