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by Nevada Kerr

Wage slave women
So angry and small
Kick them in the head
Mother, clerk, cashier
One's got her eye on me
Rushes the aisle
Scolds me for swiping the sugar packs
Hey, I have to pay for those!
And I'm thinking, Fuck You!
Does it come out of your check?

Small town vigilante
Lives for the company
Couldn't find another job if she wanted to
Can't pay for that kind of loyalty

By the time I get to the cash register
There's another one at my heels
A meth addict with a lovesick stare
She wants me to father her children
Beat her up
Steal the welfare money
But I just want to get home
Throw my TV dinners in the microwave
And catch reruns of Ellen

Written by © Raven Drake
September 5, 2005.

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