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by Nevada Kerr

I came here to disappear or melt away like snow
Blank and bare breathing frigid air, lethean waters down below
My soul took wing without fear, there was nowhere else to go
I slipped away without a care to where midget madmen glow

I laughed it off without a thought but I was truly unamused
By the evil lots that the evil plot and deadly sinners choose
The lie I bought and the love I sought were the two things I confused
The dream I caught made me so distraught, it was sleep that I refused

I realized that an ideal lover indulged my every whim
When I cooked up this fertile mother and she overflowed the brim
The celestial lights at rainbow's end glimmered and dimmed
And I saw a friend's fearless hope quickly turn grim

In oblivion where fables fade I built myself a home
Here the misbegotten rage and nightmares fume and foam
I was at the kill, it was such a thrill to see the mocking specters fall
But when their hollow shapes began to fill I knew that death was just a stall

Written by © Raven Drake
April 15, 2006.

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