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by Nevada Kerr

In the baptismal blue
I hear her breakers booming
Alluringly suggestive
Daringly assuming

Neptune with his trident stirs
Her whirling briny waste
But nothing's born or disturbed
By his triple-pronged disgrace

Poseidon and his mermen
Have made a madhouse of the sea
An asylum for the vermin
Of pollution and disease

Reckless in their pickled dread
These sickly gods befouled
A vital bloodred riverbed
Deep into her bowels

They plundered, unsuspecting
And Mnemosyne awoke
Rolling wisdom recollecting
Thunder as she spoke

The ocean is more than myth
She is the mother of us all
Roaring and fathomless
And rising as we fall

Written by © Raven Drake
July 29, 2006.

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