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Despair's Apostle
by Nevada Kerr

Distant sunstar from on high
Brilliant and wary
All-seeing scribe
Burn my fleeting dreams
Call forth the tide
Shoot out your beams
And blind my eyes

Rapture's hireling
I refuse to die
An enchanter's fever
Holds me to this lie

With urgent fingers
And frenzied lips
I plunder darkness
For a taste of bliss
A whirlpool volcano
Gushes out of me
A surging vortex
Finally sets me free
A passion squall surrender
In a sea devoid of gravity

The Devil's first behest
Indulge the devotee
Lure the flagellant
With scenes of agony

A ravished penitent of unfaithful hope
Reveres the setting sun
He tears his benumbed flesh
And loads an empty gun

Love deprived of heat
Conforms to frigid grief
Becomes a zealous patron
Of everything that bleeds

A dirge in the silence
Boiling rain in drought
Fate beyond mere justice
Instigate my soul's tumult
Heaven is an impending doubt
I must do without

I'm despair's apostle
With a tongueless mouth
Breaking into God's deserted house

Written by Nevada Kerr
4th March 2002.

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