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by Nevada Kerr

He gets carried away, he's an excitable boy
Impotent with rage, determined to destroy
Short and stout he calls you out
Shaking his fist, riddled with doubt

Smaller than the average brawler
Straining to be one foot taller
He smolders in silence threatening violence
A sham of defiance and feigned self-reliance

At home, unguarded, open to attack
The lackey imbecile and runt of the pack
Trembles demoralized and turns duly bitter
Spitting on his little sister, hitting on the sitter

Stepdad hates a quitter
But squandered every chance he had
And mother had quite a litter
But they're jittery and sad

One day in the schoolyard
Two brutes go too far
Swaggering, showing off
Acting like big stars

The way they stalk, quick as thought
No time to duck and cover
On the spot, revolver cocked
He shoots and kills his brothers

Written by © Raven Drake
November 12, 2006.

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