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by Nevada Kerr

The horizon's receding, boundaries blur
At the edge of the night sky, seraphim stir
Blind and deaf to the bedlam below
Languidly puttering with an aim to forgo

When Lucifer revolted, rebellion was cool
Swift cherubs bolted and anarchists ruled
Their fabulous visions misused and abused
Fallen angels too jaded to herald the news

An asteroid's coming, the planet is doomed
It's all for the best when you've run out of room
The choir is restless, the guardians bored
Defending humanity is quite a chore

But why bother if they're armed to the teeth
With chemicals and poisons and a nuclear breach
Let the thing blow all in good time
The experiment's over and the stars are resigned

Written by © Raven Drake
October 19, 2006.

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