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Venery (The Biter's Bit)

by Nevada Kerr

Venereal Venus dotes on her groom
With plum-reddened nipples and a wine-dark lagoon
On her high horse hunting for sport
She squeezes the curd from a warbling bird

A cavalier stallion crossing a ford
Bridled and saddled, pledges his word
A trembling tremolo hushed but still heard
In the headlong rush of the thundering herd

Slithery Venus thrives in the dream
In the paramour's soul of longing and need
A swim in her sea indulges the greed
Of the warrior culled, like a champion steed
By the bellicose belle haunting his sleep

The overfed gourmet finds the crawler inside
The reptilian wriggler wears the face of his bride
A succubus maggot riding the tide
Espying fair game with admiring eyes

She covets the colt, squelching a cry
Bores through his belly and animal hide
Swallowing up his lusty thighs
His brawny trunk and oversized pride

Written by © Nevada Kerr
April 17, 2004.

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