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The Cover Of Flesh
by Nevada Kerr

Inhabiting the pauses between wars
Like an exile from love
She took shape in the electric fog
Of a fugitive ghost town

Into her trail of fears
She spills a rapture of sorrows
They drift up to Heaven
Under the cover of flesh

Deprived of a name and a face
She guards the relics of desire
Too hastily discarded
By time and tide

Her heart's hesitation
Is a lifelong commitment
To spawn miracle monsters
For the war over love

Neither prey nor plunder
Will coax her into letting you go free
Her virtual litter of electronic ghosts
Traverses the forgotten roads of your soul

You were reborn in the crux of her absence
Between fads soon forgotten
In the oblivion of her affections
She still claims your bartered heart

Written by Nevada Kerr
12th February 2001.

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