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The Debutante
by Nevada Kerr

A puffed-up heroine and pillar of the church
Confides to her Nanny that God left her in a lurch
The surgeon that she married refused to do her face
The extra weight she carried kept her in her place

Once a portly paragon of reflex gluttony
She's now a fragile prodigy of slim society
A convalescent beauty, coughing up black gold
She staples her stomach with cold self-control
Popular and porous, she can see through your soul

A radiant blossom steeped in blue blood transfusions
She dissolved into a crusty shell
Courting upper crust illusions

Despite the afterglow of triplets
She corrodes the whitest smile
Garden party spinsters surrender to her bile
Deflowered and defiled

An entitled dowager of binding abstinence
She turned into a cock-eyed lush after only two drinks
The blushing tootsie of an heirless crown prince
She took a fatal dive into a canopy
Chasing elegant pink elephants

Written by © Nevada Kerr
12th August 2002.

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