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by Nevada Kerr

Mockery, mimicry, blundering facsimile
Effigy, travesty, lingering calamity
Trickery, sorcery, intrinsic hypocrisy
Quackery, monotony, cockeyed monstrosity

Conventional, habitual, unremitting ritual
Repetitive, statistical, cunningly divisible
Counterfeit, insidious, strikingly devious
Maladroit, erroneous, dead ringer for the previous

Comical surrogate, parody extravagant
Replica expedient, transnational contaminant
Ethereal, mercurial, harlequin chameleon
Volatile spectacle, hysterically reptilian

An uncomfortably proximate alternate reality
Parallel, perpetual, eerily residual
The parable hyperbole of iconoclastic irony
Inhumanly plagiarized and very unoriginal

Written by © Raven Drake
October 15, 2006.

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