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by Nevada Kerr

Carolyn not caroling
Some songs can't be heard
A ballad of work louder than mirth
Told in a single word

Spotless and immaculate
Her house rises off the ground
But the glacial frost inside
Leaves her shaking and snowbound

Second oldest daughter
Mother forgets her name
Perfect girl, imperfect world
Who will take the blame?

Drain and strain like a machine
Scouring powder keeps it clean
The helping hand in times of need
But rinsing, wringing fingers bleed

She wanted to have children
But she knows she never will
A bloated, sugar-coated wish
Won't sweeten that bitter pill

This story has a new twist
She climbs the tallest hill
To find her sober, loving Jack
Lying in wait to kill

When winter ends and spring returns
The voice of joy reseeds
And Carolyn starts caroling
In ghastly choral pleas

Written by © Nevada Kerr
July 22, 2003.

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