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by Nevada Kerr

Freedom has its price
Systematic war
We kiss the rod of empire
And crouch before our God
Conformity, obedience
Consistent with the law
Keep in step on bended knee
Never stray too far

Consternation, trepidation
Steel and armor rust
Insularity, invulnerability
Crumble into dust
Replaced by routine panic
Foreboding and distrust
High alerts, watchful eyes
Osama's voice on tape
Photographs, fingerprints
Welcome to the States

Goliath crawls, Atlas stalls
Sturdy Samson flounders
At the breathless beck and call
Of bellicose rebounders
But a titan nation corporation
Knocks down every wall
It's in the cards, close at hand
America stands tall
At the hour of her choosing
Rival kingdoms fall

Written by © Nevada Kerr
January 4, 2004.

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