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Soul Contraband
by Nevada Kerr

Stab, stitch, and sliver
I'm a seizure of shivers
A torture of bliss, meat on your dish
Writhing in a spasm of quivers

Thrust, spear, and score
My gored skin without pores
Billy Club Boy, atrocity toy
Make me a jagged cut of cut-rate joy

Transfixion and friction grind each predilection
My penchant for mirth blighted and cursed
Moves as slow as a hearse

Skiver and impale, plague and besiege
This goat can't escape your true ecstasy
My love is a plunder, your prized enemy
The frazzled darling of the piracy king

I await your religion proved and reproved
An attrition affliction that leaves me removed
Rupture and puncture my punctual juncture
Your crossroad desire enlivens my gumption

Break up and break down my overjoyed heart
Your urgency burns gravity and tears me apart
A celestial attraction that ends at the start
A blundered affection infecting my art

Your hunger descends like a thunderbolt
A Christ with no unction at a Last Supper luncheon
Your night stick and blackjack continue to poke
My underling longing and collateral hope

Divining rod of the marauding squad
Your bereavement battalion leaves me aching for God
Lunge, jab and jam this crushed wild ram
You are the ruin of rapture reviled and banned
But my love is your bootleg
And my soul, contraband

Written by Nevada Kerr
1st February 2002.

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