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Bird Flower Dog
by Nevada Kerr

Feathers bloom on the bird flower dog
A canine plume from the soft peat bog
She tongues her perfume-petaled rump
The dry leaf rind of a gangly hump
Trembling in a flurry
On her long-legged trunk

A hollow, spiked cluster of fur too thin
A winged leaflet creature, tail in a spin
Blood vessels shimmering in the sun
Fledgling derelict scamp on the run

A border planting in the briar patch
A meddler panting in the prior batch
She probes with her feelers
For the perfect match
A tactile ghost with spindly limbs
Rooted in the air of flower dog whims

(Dedicated to my Chihuahua Trudy)

Written by Nevada Kerr
18th February 2002.

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