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The Vanity Fare
by Nevada Kerr

The urbane and unhinged
Bow their heads and cringe
Like sycophantic parasites
On an unbecoming fringe
Burnishing the bloodshot
Refurbishing the whitewashed
Slick and slimy eulogists
Crouch before the new boss

The gentleman beast
Lickspittle and smellfeast
Acting parts for the dilettante
Never hobnob with the least
Snob and vulgar gent
Preen to be seen
Nameless and unkempt
They swim the lush extreme

Yes-men know their trade
Turn tail and run away
Display the whitest liver
When Sir and Madam sway
The ravages of time
Demoralize their kind
Progress and perfection
Were all they had in mind

Written by © Nevada Kerr
May 13th, 2003.

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