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The Cutter's Smile
by Nevada Kerr

Carnival hussy, gutter demon rusty
Rag dirty dean of the fidgety turned busty
You strip and share burrowed monster lairs
Drowning dark adorers with your tidal flair

Bewailing hydra funeral bride
Admired for your cold cutter eyes
Tempest joker monsoon stroker
Evangelist for cheating brokers
You empower us to throttle smokers

Blizzard brewing, outbreak spewing
Devoted hag of unmatched undoings
You starve the suckling at the fairy hour
Procure mourning veils at bridal showers

Temporary hearts don your imitation wounds
They rent your shadows for their furnished tombs
Begging midnight crawlers to spike your funless brood

Songstress of the primal scream
Working fervent thighs to cream
Rogue viper of the netherdream
You hire keeners to squeal and plead
For the dreaded loveless left unredeemed
By armies of widows reseeding the weeds

Resigning mother of the backed up womb
You flaunt budget sorrows for retired grooms
And the vigilante angels pacing sitting rooms
The dead rise up from your unknitting looms
To trace the cutter's smile of unrelenting doom

Written by Nevada Kerr
17th October 2000.

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