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by Nevada Kerr

I'll go along with it this time but make no mistake
Next time my stubborn mind won't easily erase
Tied down and duty bound I humbly confess
The truth that I hold dear might not stand the test

If we could see eye to eye I'm sure they'd fit the bill
Embryos that recognize the mothers that they kill
You worked out all the data to prove they meant no harm
But when they climbed out of that crater I sounded the alarm

I thought we were impervious to the bird flu compromise
No one ever heard of us till the seas began to rise
We slipped through the corporate cracks like a substitute for fat
Transmitting sad apologies to every dead lab rat

I devised a standard alibi to justify the lie
That I can guarantee the moon or mortgage you the sky
There's hardly room for the animals and more of them will die
I don't want to stretch the point but so will you and I

Written by © Raven Drake
April 1, 2006.

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