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by Dasha

I met him at the beach...

I can not describe him. Among this crowd of crazy people he shined. He didn't have to ask me to choose him this evening, I chose him myself. He was lucky enough. I bet each man envied him. I agreed to go for a walk with this young man and we just talked and talked... for ages. Then the sun hid behind the horizon and I waved my hand to all the lovely men around me.

This guy asked me for a dinner tomorrow. My answer was "Yes", but on one condition - I wanted to have dinner at my place.

I don't know what I was thinking actually. Before I would never have done anything like that. I mean, I don't even know his name. Well, can't I have a little thrill in my life?

The next evening I was waiting for him. Waiting nearly for an hour. I started feeling a bit nervous and felt the need to run away somewhere. My inner self asked me for some fresh air. I knew that people at the beach were already waiting for me, for the Big Star to appear. Could I let them down? No, no... no way. Tonight I thought was that same evening to wear my white corset... and nothing more. It looked so beautiful. Some make-up on, hair, smile, and here I am ready to be a Star again.

Walking outside I felt a cooling wind blowing. My hair looked naughty. People were gazing at my costume with a surprise in their eyes and I just laughed. Gosh, I felt so free... When I walked near the beach I saw that there were so many people waiting for me. I even felt scared. Would there be anyone to protect me if anything goes wrong? Could I count on someone? That strange feeling inside... Though it was not the time to give up on my half-way. I smiled to everyone, walked to the water and put my right foot in it. Umm... warm warm warm! Feels so good to find something that warm. The wind blew again. Was the storm on it's way?

"Hey Kelly! Watch your step!" - I heard somewhere behind my back.

I turned my face and the wind again played with my hair. My my, it was getting on my nerves. My curly red hair was under the wind's power. I couldn't help feeling it fly away! Suddenly through my hair I saw that it was Tom calling me. I was so happy to see him this time, but it's not the time to show my feeling. I walked closer to him.

Tom Cruise himself, - I winked, - "Sorry Tom, it's not your evening, it's a pity you've gone such a long way to be defeated, but don't walk too far away," - and I winked again.

Turning around once more I saw a handsome man sitting just about two steps from me. Who was this? I have never seen him before.

"Hello stranger," I said using my lovely smile.

"Good evening, Queen," - his smile was surely one of the best too.

"Thanks for a compliment but I'm far away from the Queen."

He was the one I picked for this evening. He was so elegant. I had a pleasure talking to him. One of the most remarkable moments was when he took my scarf and with the wind's help he put it over my head. It was so amazing, so beautiful and unusual. The wind was blowing with such a strength that this scarf was like a protection for me.

"You are really amazing, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my whole life!"

"There's nothing usual about any of us. You are all lovely. And now I have to run. Good-bye to all of you, my fairy tale heroes!"

As I was leaving I heard them all clapping, as if they saw a performance and I was a Star. At that time this was probably what I was looking for. For fame. I really needed all those wonderful words, needed to be loved, and needed to be noticed. Needed to be a Star. Should I be ashamed for these words?

When I stepped into my house I saw that guy waiting for me.

"Why are you here?" - I asked.

"What is your name?"

"What does my name have to do with you being at my place so late?"

"What is your name?"


"Hello Kelly. Sorry for I was late. I was waiting for you."

"Oh... I see. So we are still having a dinner then?"


"Then can I ask you for your name?"

"I assume yes. My name is Patrick."

I walked close to him. Very close. Usually all men told me how beautiful I was, but he only told me: "Go get dressed, we're gonna have a romantic dinner."

"And doesn't it disturb you that I have been walking like that all over the beach? Talking with other men? Doesn't that worry you? Don't you think this is risky to be my date?"

"Go get dressed please Kelly."

'Oh my God' - I thought. What if he is that same man I was waiting for all my life? He doesn't think anything bad about me. Does that mean he share my passion for being loved?

"Get dressed? Don't you like me like that?" - I winked and smiled naughty.

"I... I do, but looking like that you can get me excited."

"Well, what's wrong with that?" - I laughed and turned on the music quietly.

I pressed myself to his body in one second and then I felt emotions I have never felt before. I was breathing hard and I picked up my head to look at him but suddenly his lips kissed mine. We weren't dancing, oh no, we were hardly moving.

"You're right, I better go get dressed."

I came back in a long black dress and he told me I looked like a princess.

This dinner was the best I ever had.

When I woke the next day I went searching for him. I asked all the neighbors if any of them knew him, but no-one did. Nobody knew anything.

What was it? A sweet dream? Was he just my illusion?.. I don't know till now...

My desire... My mirage...

Written by
10th April 2002.

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