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by Nevada Kerr

Bobby and Brenda take Prozac for sorrows
Saving affections for distant tomorrows
The afterlife beckons more than desire
A promise of love free from Hell's fire

They want to have normal children someday
Who pray and display homespun flags everyday
Virgin lovers ceding rapture and bliss
For a litter sinless and a sinless kiss

Heaven on earth demands passion's remorse
Igniting infernos of hunger and thirst
Bobby covets untouched flesh till it's cursed
Brenda's unused heart yearns till it bursts

Her transcendent flesh refuses to yield
Flowers won't bloom on a fallow field
A celibate bride bequeathing her honeymoon prize
She defers nightly emissions for cloudless skies

An eyeless eyewitness who flatters him senseless
Brenda never provokes or perturbs Bobby's defenses
It's better to break and beat the flesh
Than mar the spirit with premarital sex

Bobby clings to rules during temple sermons
Inspects Brenda's skin for the devil's vermin
She burns dinner while he rapes the neighbors
A sleepwalking fling through defective offspring

Inflated needs spoil pedigreed seeds
Lust must take a back seat to creed
Virginal darlings tremble to breed
Only immaculate love will set them free

Written by Nevada Kerr
18th January 2002.

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