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The Crown Of Seven Sorrows
by Nevada Kerr

Former football stars, villagers with passion scars
Gather at local bars and race their junkyard cars
Desperate and forlorn, they imbibe a raging storm
Life has no form when despair becomes the norm

Papa barters wooden crosses at Catholic Church bazaars
Malediction overwhelms his devoted breaking heart
The unblessed dead yearn to be consoled at any cost
But intoxicating grief begrudges all release

Seething like a rabid dog, Daddy loses self-control
The avenger's reprieve leaves him stranded and bereaved
At the only highway superstore offering relief
But he barters all his rosaries and sets the devil free
To keep his healing holy wounds a darker shade of green

Mama fuels her pain chopping down the mountain trees
Despite infernal enemies and a family dolour squeeze
She cedes her precious share of guarded government cheese
Everyone in town cries a piercing 'thank you - please'
Then Mama takes a kitchen knife and stabs her aching spleen
The crown of seven sorrows destroyed her family dream

Written by © Nevada Kerr
14th January 2003.

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