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by Nevada Kerr

It was more than an hallucination
Semiliquid in the ooze
Growing denser by the second
But too discrete to fuse

Dislodging in the rupture
And peeling off a bone
Clotting blood restructured
Severance postponed

A crevice in the interval
Opened like a wound
Spinning and centrifugal
And reeling in the swoon

Circumcised, without eyes
Merging at a joint
Overstated, exaggerated
But too pink to disappoint

Protracted, exuberant
Effervescent and abrupt
It reconnected ligaments
Spasmodic and corrupt

In a network of tangled skins
Wrinkled and misplaced
Halfway between dead and dying
Searching for a face

Written by © Raven Drake
March 22, 2007.

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