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The Reckoning
by Nevada Kerr

I won't flatter your palate with spiced venison
Like the crushed son of Venus cut up and well done
Between hawk and buzzard you slake your desire
Devouring grace in your carrion mire
Adding fuel to the grumbler's insatiable fire
Feeding underground on decayed decriers

You cast a gloom on these things of play
The vampire vulture hunts down her prey
Tearing your hair, you roll on the ground
Laughing on the wrong side of an unholy frown
Growling and snarling, "Devil take and confound!"

I nourish the courage to my rival oppose
Longing for backbone when we come to blows
I repel your evil eye and fiendish curse
The cannibal ghoul's septic verse
Tender mercies that quench your blood thirst
Fatal poisons you kindly disburse

You croak and lament a plague's palliation
Bitterness impenitent deplores mitigation
Gnashing your teeth, you destroy filiation
Your heirs swallowed up in the coming extinction
Having known nothing but anguish and wretched affliction

Written by © Nevada Kerr
April 21st, 2003.

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