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Excess Life
by Nevada Kerr

A Holy Communion of divorcees and drunks
With a surplus of eyes and fatty white hunks
Make love and war on a mountain of junk
Filled with vertebrae puree and genital gunk
These fugitive embryo stalkers throw down in masses
Useless germ warfare glasses made for the servant classes

Their brain fabric electro-flesh cooks noisily in the fog
A gray matter for the intellectual without a bodybag
The infant eunuch eulogist brown nosing genocide enthusiasts
Offers an overdue apology for an unblessed eucharist
And a divine sanction for the new eugenics

His desert dairy cows give birth in the sand
Under milk trees for the lactose intolerant
A bigoted sap stirs his powdered dreams
The sperm embers of a newborn self-assassin
He markets ebola sprays for the eating disorders of anonymous daughters

Laughing fish fly and their legless brood hop
Nerve peddlers murmur in the backrooms of bodyshops
Their detached fingers, traceless for overzealous cops
Leave electronic eavesdroppers under parcels of skins

Behind the castrato-clone mills of a rebuilt Confederacy
The super-rich charm the pharmable in a bizarre aristocracy
Boneless children and subhuman cadgers
Germinate in the fat of deboned cadavers

A God-killing heretic trashes to ruins
A bloated eulogy for advancing aliens
Fact-slaying citizens spawned in disease
The flotsam bulges of their untouched loins
Spill blood from virgin white lesions
Spoiling but feeding the starving minions

The melanoma young climbing evolution's rungs
Entombed in airless rooms with their iron lungs
Turn a sharpened knife on another broken wife
Caught destroying excess life under raging sons

Written by © Nevada Kerr
10th August 2001.

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