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by Nevada Kerr

I wish that you were true but there's no hope in you
You're like roadkill on a jagged hill screwing up my view
You call this bribe a prize, the token privilege I was due
The sweet sting of bitter pride when my suffering was through

When we came into vogue there was no one else to be
I looked up to you and you looked up to me
Your celebrity grows bigger every time you lose
And you cut the finest figure for someone in those shoes

I'm sitting pretty with your pity so I won't hold back a thing
I left the country for the city and I pawned my wedding ring
The engagement was endearing but the marriage was a fling
Too mixed-up with all eyes staring and I'm only second-string

I didn't do what the others did, adhering to the rules
I hit the books like the perfect whiz and outdid all the fools
I had my feelings so well hid till I fell in love with you
And now you get to keep the kids and all my garden tools

Written by © Raven Drake
April 8, 2006.

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