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by Nevada Kerr

Good intentions are in the air
In this age of donor rivals
Freeze your eggs for a millionaire
Burn a hole in every vial

Amass a heap of living things
Till it's time to lose control
Duplicate a plasmic string
Charm a tortured soul

Clarify the traits and features
The vein, the cast, the grain
Gravitate toward a perfect future
That will never come again

All that splitting makes you lazy
Working wonders with an atom tool
Rueful on the edge of crazy
In the Eveless Adam pool

Chance upon the paragon
Fresh and crisp and new
He blithely calls the strident tune
And gets the best of you

Don't fear the force of the evil eye
Or the human voice without a tone
With the roving mind of a psychic spy
You need not die alone

Written by © Raven Drake
September 29, 2005.

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