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Gorgon And Grace
by Nevada Kerr

Mother of curse prayers and grating Grace
Night fury conjurer and hex-beseeching fate
We summon from your alluring cemetery bed
Gorgon and gorge and gorgeous Medusa head

Beckoning Banshee and witch woman weird
Garish doom prophet with the firm full beard
We ignite the fires that will never burn out
Craving the unholy tongue in your corrosive mouth

Invisible Quean of the mad dusk moira
Paradox inveigler of death's diaspora
We aspire to be your next deposed kings
Chided by the dreams of serial Godlings

Shrew incantation and archaic scourge
Banishing avenger of fast and furious Lords
We petition you with these limited words
Wallowing in your sea of umbilical cords

Written by Nevada Kerr
9th November 2001.

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